The European press and politicians make fun of Kadhafi, his extravagent clothes and habits, or try to avoid him on human rights grounds. They miss the whole point about his "role". Kadhafi, counsciously or not, uses his position to drag in the mud the European leaders who receive him. By planting a tent in the heart of Paris during one week, arboring a picture of the Lybian resistant against the Italian colonialist while marching to the Italian hymne, he shows one thing: European leaders are weak enough to accept being mocked to their face and ridiculed just to sign some commercial contracts. Therefore, we need Kadhafi. He points out the lack of dignity of our elite, who accept everything for short term gains. This is not perceived in Europe, where we focus on his character and miss the whole play. In these set-up interractions, we should mock the king (Sarkozy, Berlusconi), not the bouffon (Kadhafi). I am sure observers from Arab countries get that very well, and they are right.