20 juin 2009

Kadhafi emphasises our own weaknesses

The European press and politicians make fun of Kadhafi, his extravagent clothes and habits, or try to avoid him on human rights grounds. They miss the whole point about his "role". Kadhafi, counsciously or not, uses his position to drag in the mud the European leaders who receive him. By planting a tent in the heart of Paris during one week, arboring a picture of the Lybian resistant against the Italian colonialist while marching to the Italian hymne, he shows one thing: European leaders are weak enough to accept being... [Lire la suite]
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17 juin 2009

is society changing as much as we hear?

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14 juin 2009

Cars crash cars crash carsh

Cars… kill, injure, mutilate – by the way, more than cocaine, heroin and marijuana together monopolise urban spaces thru roads and parking lots stink make noise pollute distance individuals from their peers contribute to reduce the most essential physical effort: walking … you name the next Against so many damages, the benefits have to be very, very high to compensate.Until I know them, I will have the simple and scary feeling that we made a historical mistake.
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14 juin 2009

why is everybody "overbooked"?

When you ask around, nobody « has time » or « has his work under control ». We can not say we do not work a lot. This would not fit our society and values. The courageous man or woman would be directly suspected of being lazy, or worse, a parasite. There are even some people, having unconsciously integrated that everybody says he is overbooked, sate for their personal case: ‘ I know many people say they are overbooked, so it sounds a bit familiar, but me, I really am overstretched ». So is it true, are we really all overbooked?... [Lire la suite]
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09 juin 2009

CCTV, videosurveillance: paradigm shift

Everybody has as opinion on CCTV and videosurveillance. The majority of the population, when asked in surveys, is in favour, up to a proportion of 75%. As with topics discussed broadly and where each opinon is supposed to be valid, we are lost in oceans of opinions, thus we loose the real, fundamental view. The criminal law is based in our societies on a philosophical assumption: nobody is guilty until proven so. But what does happen with videosurveillance? We turn the assumption upside down and state implicitly that everybody is a... [Lire la suite]
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07 juin 2009

Slogan pour églises

je crois donc je croîs
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07 juin 2009

Each generation is convinced to be the last good one

A fascinating tendency across history is the belief that the next generation is "lost" or at least "worse" in a way or in an other than the current one. In all domains of social life, and particular education, respect and moral, the generation in power (roughly, today, people beyond 30 years) is convinced that the generation to come can not hold to the standards in place. Talk with your friends, listen to their disocurse on the "youth": you will notice a radical change of ton as soon as they start to... [Lire la suite]
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