02 août 2009


Once upon a time a small European country was looking for a name, a name which would not compete with another one already existing - and located very close. The name found was Schwitzerland or as, we know it now, Switzerland. If you analysis it , the name is undoubtedly based on one of the canton's name, Schwytz. Its choice did not provoke any anger, from any sides, even not from those cantons which did not have the chance to influence the new state's name...
Today, another land is looking for a name that would not compete with others'. This country is FYROM, or Former Yougoslavian Republic of Macedonia. Greece fiercly rejects the use of Macedonia, as it is a Greek province. My suggestion is simple: use Macedonia, and add -land. Macedonialand. Or alternatively, Macedonianland. Or Macedonijaland, to mix local language and English. In international relations, the appendix -land clearlys is linked with a country, and not a region, then Greece should not have any problem with it. The names of country is not a science. Montenegro is a Spanish word in the middle of the Balkans, nobody bothers; names change according to the language used (Deutschland becomes Germany, etc). So let us be creative!

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