15 août 2009

Private sphere : for bank secrecy, not CCTV

Tenants of the banking secrecy in Switzerland and else appeal to the protection of the private sphere of individuals to give a philosophical basis to fiscal evasion and fraud. OK. But the private sphere also ecompasses other aspect of human life than money. It encompasses freedom of thinking, of gathering, of religion, etc. So my point is simple: I'll reconsider my position on the the private sphere approach of banking secrecy when the people promoting it will agree to ...dismantle all CCTV on the public domain, filming all of us.... [Lire la suite]
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02 août 2009


Once upon a time a small European country was looking for a name, a name which would not compete with another one already existing - and located very close. The name found was Schwitzerland or as, we know it now, Switzerland. If you analysis it , the name is undoubtedly based on one of the canton's name, Schwytz. Its choice did not provoke any anger, from any sides, even not from those cantons which did not have the chance to influence the new state's name...Today, another land is looking for a name that would not compete with... [Lire la suite]
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01 août 2009

The myth of imported violence

A tenacious myth in both common wisdom and some more cultivated circles in Europe is the importation of violence. Some communities would, according to this view, bring into Western Europe the pattern of violence they have inherited from their home country, plegued by civil wars. For example, in Switzerland or Germany, we hear a lot about people from former Yougoslavia as having brought violent habits in "peaceful" local communities. Thus, we are told, are these communities more represented in crime statistics and prison... [Lire la suite]
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